Here it goes.

I write a lot. Self-proclaimed of course, but I’d bet the majority of people reading this don’t have three moleskine journals filled to the brim with self reflection, memories, and existential dread over what to do with their lives. The latter has improved quite a bit in recent months, but still shines through in some way throughout my daily writings. I still journal on a daily basis, though my neck began to ache as I would spend hours articulating my thoughts and emotions through pages of drivel. So, I decided to take the (just as significant) more complicated things I have to say and put them here. My plan is to write about everything, but knowing me, I will probably mainly write about my experiences & journey learning various languages, which has been… a long one. Hell, I may even cook up a little something in Chinese here and there, just for shits and gigs. Anyway, welcome to… whatever this is supposed to be, and god knows what will become of, my blog.

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